Sergei and Anatoly Beloglazov

3x Olympic Champions and 9x World Champions

Beloglazov Brothers Clinic and Camp Tour

Sergei and Anatoly Beloglazov are arguably two of the greatest technical minds to ever hit the mat. With the accolades to show for that greatness, they have a combined 3 Olympic titles, 9 World titles, and 6 European titles, there is no other pair to achieve such feats in the sport of wrestling. Both of these twin brothers are also in the UWW Hall of Fame.

Nancy Schultz has been gracious enough to partner with Wrestling.Life to help facilitate a tour of clinics and camp appearances, from May to July, in order to provide access to these legends of the sport this summer for wrestlers in the United States. The Beloglazov's will be outfitted by Rudis on this tour. 

We will continue to add information, videos, clinic and camp dates, and merchandise for this historic trip across the United States this summer. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best in the World. 

For more information and open dates for booking please contact Nancy Schultz at nancyschultz@therudis.com.

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