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Anatoly Alekseyevich Beloglazov

Born: September 16, 1956 in Kaliningrad, Russia
Sport club: Dynamo Kyiv, Kyiv (UKR), CSKA Moscow, Russia
Sport: Wrestling

   Anatoly Beloglazov and his famous twin brother [Sergey], who always wrestled in one class heavier than Anatoly, started wrestling in 1968 and they both found their first fame at the 1974 European Junior Championships, where Anatoly and Sergey won gold as a light-flyweight and flyweight respectively. Both brothers competed in freestyle throughout their career. Anatoly won the light-flyweight gold at the 1975 World Junior Championships and then moved up to senior ranks, where he was European light-flyweight champion in 1976 and World light-flyweight champion in 1977. In 1978 Anatoly started to compete as a flyweight and won the 1980 Olympic title in that class, was 1978 World Champion and won the 1979 World Cup. After the Olympics, Anatoly moved up to bantamweight and, in that class, won the 1982 World title and gold at the 1981 Universiade. In 1983 Anatoly moved back to flyweight and won bronze at the 1983 World Championships and gold at the 1984 World Cup, but missed the 1984 Olympics due to the Soviet boycott. Instead, he competed at the Friendship Games and won gold in flyweight.
   Domestically, Anatoly won four Soviet titles: in 1977, 1979-80 in flyweight and in 1982 as a bantamweight. He retired from sports after the 1984 season and later worked as a wrestling coach. He was head coach of the Canadian national freestyle team from 1990-96 and the Australian national freestyle team from 1996-98. In 1998 Anatoly returned to Russia and started to work as coach of the Russian national freestyle team along with his twin brother. From 2012-2015 Anatoly was the head coach of the Belarus national team. Since 1998, an annual freestyle wrestling tournament in his and his brother’s honor has been held in Kaliningrad. Anatoly was inducted into the FILA International Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2010. At the moment Anatoly is the head coach of CSKA wrestling cub in Moscow, Russia.

Olympic Champion

1980 Moscow 52 kg

3-time World Champion
1977 Lausanne 48 kg
1978 Mexico City 52 kg
1982 Edmonton 57 kg

European Champion
1976 St.Peterburg 48 kg

4-Time World Cup Champion
1979 Toledo 52 kg
1981 Toledo 52 kg
1983 Toledo 57 kg
1988 Toledo 57 kg

The 2018 Beloglazov Clinic Tour is complete. Thank you to everyone who was involved from the hosts, to the wrestlers, coaches, and parents who attended.


Sergei and Anatoly Beloglazov

3x Olympic Champions and 9x World Champions

Beloglazov Brothers Clinic and Camp Tour

Sergei and Anatoly Beloglazov are arguably two of the greatest technical minds to ever hit the mat. With the accolades to show for that greatness, they have a combined 3 Olympic titles, 9 World titles, and 6 European titles, there is no other pair to achieve such feats in the sport of wrestling. Both of these twin brothers are also in the UWW Hall of Fame.

Nancy Schultz has been gracious enough to partner with Wrestling.Life to help facilitate a tour of clinics and camp appearances, from May to July, in order to provide access to these legends of the sport this summer for wrestlers in the United States. The Beloglazov's will be outfitted by Rudis on this tour. 

We will continue to add information, videos, clinic and camp dates, and merchandise for this historic trip across the United States this summer. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best in the World. 

For more information and open dates for booking please contact Nancy Schultz at

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