California State Dual Championship

The date for the California State Dual Championship is January 25, 2020 and it will be held at Clovis North High School.

Team entry fee, $300 if received before May 1, 2019 and bringing table workers.

Team entry LATE fee $400 AFTER May 1, 2019 and bringing table workers.

  • Four divisions of 8 team brackets totalling 32 teams representing 9 sections!

  • Divisions based on competitive equity and also separation of schools by leagues, divisions & sections to create the most interesting and exciting match ups.

  • Placement by state advisory committee reps and tournament staff. Each confirmed team will be asked to fill out a team status update in early December, 2019 to give the committee real time feedback while placing the teams.

  • Bracket release shortly after the new year 2020.

  • Three duals for every team.

  • 1st round winners advance to semis, semi winners advance to finals for a shot at title.

  • Semi losing team wrestles for 3rd. 1st round losing teams can battle back for 5th.

  • Awards for top 3 teams in each division.

  • Team photos and awards ceremonies at the conclusion of the competition.


High School Address *
High School Address
Coaches Name *
Coaches Name
Coaches Phone *
Coaches Phone
Please choose the section in which your high school competes using the drop down menu.
Table Help Requirement *
Schools will be responsible for table help (two from each site is recommended).
12 Wrestler Requirement *
All teams should be able to fill a minimum of 12 of the 14 weight classes in order to compete in the tournament.

Signed Up Teams

  • Bakersfield High School (CS)

  • Casa Roble High School (SJS)

  • Central High School (CS)

  • Chico High School (NS)

  • Clovis North High School (CS)

  • Corning Union High School (NS)

  • El Capitan High School (SJS)

  • Evergreen Valley High School (CCS)

  • Fremont High School (CCS)

  • Frontier High School (CS)

  • Gilroy High School (CCS)

  • Granada High School (NCS)

  • Laguna Hills High School (SS)

  • Los Gatos High School (CCS)

  • Oakdale High School (CS)

  • Rancho Bernardo High School (SDS)

  • Tracy High School (SJS)

  • Villa Park High School (SS)

  • Yucaipa High School (SS)