2019 MidCals Is In The Books

After the dust has settled there were 65 teams, 460 wrestlers, and a heck of a lot of fun. Finishing early both days the tournament flew by on 10 mats day 1 and 7 mats day 2. You can find all the results and match video on FloArena by clicking the logo below.

A huge thanks to all the teams that participated this year. A special thanks to Tuttle Oklahoma and Cleveland HS in Rio Rancho New Mexico for making the trip. Thank you to all the Gilroy High School Football for providing volunteers, along with the Gilroy High School parents and community who support the event. Gilroy Coach Daniel Cormier, Principal Marco Sanchez, and Jimmy Saldate for partnering with us at Wrestling.Life and giving us the opportunity to support such a great event.

More information will be posted shortly for next years sign ups as well as next years Jr. MidCals, which Wrestling.Life will be partnering on again next year (after taking a year off this year).