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The SCVWA Association Dual Team online sign ups are now open for the 2019 All-Star Tournament. The tournament will again be in Fresno at Selland Arena and the SCVWA will field a High School Boys, High School Girls, and Middle School team. The dates of the tournament is May 17, 18, and 19. More information coming soon!
— Daniel McCune
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2019 Signed Up Wrestlers:

High School Boys:

  • Dara Heydarpour

  • Calvin Antonio

  • Christian Antonio

  • Josey Varela

  • Pranav Chittharanjan

  • Peter Graham

  • Adar Schwarzbach

  • Olandis Mathes

  • Andrew Forman

  • Tre Orlando

  • Cade Creighton

  • Cohle Feliciano

  • Marcos Jimenez

  • Dylan Uyeda

High School Girls:

  • Tyler France

  • Sara Vela

  • Mel Lopez

  • Mika Perez

  • Kaelyn Siason

  • Melanie Martinez

  • Annabel Garcia

Middle School:

  • Kiely Tabaldo

  • Francisco Barragan

  • Quintin Maldonado

  • Fabian Aguirre

  • Francisco Barragan

  • Travis Grace

  • Oscar Alfaro

  • Braylon Creighton

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The cost is $200 + credit card fee.

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