Mike Mendoza: Wrestling is Being Murdered

Wrestling.Life had the pleasure of talking to Coach Mike Mendoza about his new gig at Northeastern Junior College in Colorado, as well as reflect on the dropping of Boise State. 

The thought that wrestling is a dying sport, when that is the furthest thing from the truth... It’s a murdered sport.
— Coach Mike Mendoza

After a tumultuous year for Coach Mike Mendoza with his transition from CSUB to Boise State ending 10 months after it began it sounds like he has landed in a pretty sweet spot. The DI Head Coach took a position at Northeastern Junior College in Colorado, returning to the state where his college coaching career began. More importantly with this move it is also the home state of his wife and will put Coach Mendoza, who has two young kids, in close proximity to family. Check out all the details in the podcast below, both no our YouTube Channel or in iTunes.