What Women's Sport Should UC Davis Add?

WRESTLING of course. UC Davis recently released a survey to take in data on what new women's sport the school should add. This is a great opportunity for the women's wrestling movement in CA and on the West Coast. The NCAA has been asked to consider emerging sport status for Women's Wrestling by a coalition of organizations under the guidance of Wrestle Like a Girl. The future of wrestling has been dependent on the growth of women's wrestling for some time now and UC Davis is in a prime position to be trailblazers. With a 33 year old AD who seems to be unbelievably inventive and open to new ideas, now may be the time. It all starts with our community having the ability to fill up the survey data.

Click on the button below and let your voice be heard. Let's show UC Davis how much women's wrestling has grown and the extent of its popularity by filling up the survey results!!!

References: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/5967433-womens-wrestling-takes-aim-at-ncaa-varsity-status