Morning Star Invitational Tournaments

The Morning Star Tournaments will take place at Los Banos High School in Los Banos, CA. The Varsity Tournament will take place Saturday December 21st 2019 and the Girls’ Tournament will take place on Saturday January 18th 2020. Please email any questions to Jose Castro at To sign up for the tournaments please fill out the online form below.

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Varsity Boys’ Confirmed Teams (Updated September 17)

  1. Carmel

  2. Christopher

  3. Fremont

  4. Los Banos

2018 Morning Star

Boys Wrestling Tournament

Team Results:

Team Champion: Clovis High School


2nd Place Team: John H Pitman High School


3rd Place Team: Clovis East High School


  1. Caruthers (CS)

  2. Central Valley - Ceres (SJS)

  3. Clovis (CS)

  4. Clovis East (CS)

  5. Clovis North (CS)

  6. East Union (SJS)

  7. Edison - Stockton (SJS)

  8. Firebaugh (CS)

  9. Fremont (CCS)

  10. Garces Memorial (CS)

  11. Gilroy (CCS)

  12. JFK - Sacramento (SJS)

  13. Los Banos (SJS)

  14. Los Gatos (CCS)

  15. Mariposa (SJS)

  16. Mendota (CS)

  17. Modesto (SJS)

  18. Patterson (SJS)

  19. Pitman (SJS)

  20. San Benito (CCS)

  21. Thomas Downey - Modesto (SJS)

  22. Tranquility (CS)

  23. Waterford (SJS)

2018 Morning Star Outstanding Wrestlers:

Lightweight (106 lbs. - 132 lbs.) Jauron Haynie-Meraz (Firebaugh) 126 lbs.

Middleweight (138 lbs. - 160 lbs.) Sammy Silveria (Pitman) 145 lbs.

Heavyweight (170 lbs. - 285 lbs.) Cohle Feliciano (Fremont) 285 lbs.